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  • 17-Feb-2017 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Trump's travails

    Trump administration has been a comic opera of buffoons

  • 27-Jan-2017 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Reforming our civil service

    The rigidities of the Indian bureaucracy make lateral entry for specialists very difficult

  • 14-Jan-2017 | Rahul Jacob

    Exercise addiction

    The story of a Kiwi firm that dominates group exercise classes in gyms worldwide

  • 30-Dec-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Focus, for pity's sake!

    Indian governance is short of the top-down thinking Daniel Kahneman defines as equally necessary

  • 16-Dec-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: The neurosis of notebandi

    The average monthly mobile bill in India is Rs 120 to Rs 180, which does not suggest a population with much money to put in e-wallets

  • 09-Dec-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Demonising cash: A high price to shift to e-transactions

    Even as paper currency is 'demonised' and much of rural India lacks reliable connectivity, the echo chamber of the new economy believes the country merely needs energetic leadership to realise its pre

  • 21-Oct-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Our own Neverland

    High quality of Pakistan Coke Studio and their well acted serials suggest it is better for Fawad Khan to be left unharmed by the haute melodrama of mainstream Bollywood

  • 09-Sep-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Autumn of our discontent

    Roger Federer was not even at Flushing Meadows, having elected to sit out the rest of 2016 to allow a knee injury to heal

  • 04-Jul-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Stale mate

    Australian economy can cope with political turmoil

  • 01-Jul-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Taxing times

    Asian amnesties point to wealth of tax worries

  • 23-Jun-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Good numbers

    Australia's rebalancing act can survive politics

  • 13-Jun-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Fixed ideas

    China can afford to quit infrastructure binge

  • 08-Jun-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Broken springboard

    Trade slowdown raises bar for economic catch-up

  • 23-May-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Mixed blessings

    Cheap oil pays mixed dividends for Asia

  • 16-May-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Old habits

    Money trail shows China sticking to bad habits

  • 04-Mar-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: The past is not a foreign country

    There are real pleasures to living in past-present tense, but they are not always explainable

  • 02-Mar-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Will garment factories move to Vietnam?

    Inclusion of countries such as Vietnam in Trans Pacific Partnership promises to make India's attempts to benefit from the rise in China's labour costs an uphill battle

  • 27-Feb-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rajasthan rhapsody

    The author revisits Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur and finds them to be a medley of the old and new

  • 17-Feb-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: An unending global slump

    Back on terra decidedly infirma, which is to say China and India, the bewildering lack of economic logic is everywhere

  • 12-Feb-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: From Peepli Khera to Teri's Pachauri, Indian patriarchy at its medieval worst

    Indian men routinely get away with the most brazen forms of harassment for the simple reason that they are usually in charge

  • 30-Jan-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    The golden age of men's tennis may well be over

    The astounding dominance of Novak Djokovic may have signalled the end of tennis' golden age

  • 23-Jan-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: BuzzFeed's bizarre tennis match-fixing scoop

    Almost no names are named in the salacious website and BBC's non-expose on tennis, writes Rahul Jacob

  • 20-Jan-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Rahul Jacob: Ending open defecation

    The issue is deathly serious because widespread open defecation in India often leads to contamination of the water supply

  • 16-Jan-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    The buzz around lit fests

    Lit fests are multiplying across India, inspired by the Jaipur literature festival that begins next week. Being in the audience is well worth the journey

  • 15-Jan-2016 | Rahul Jacob

    Lunch with BS: Amitabh Kant

    The Secretary of DIPP tells Rahul Jacob how India could be made an easier place to do business in and why India's software smarts will give it an edge