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  • 28-Nov-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    The Petrov moment in a client's life

    A sketch by Carl Richards illustrates that the advisor stands between the client and her big mistake

  • 14-Nov-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Nomination provisions require an overhaul

    Nomination rules can be justified as being products of their times, but there is no excuse for not revising them to reflect new realities

  • 31-Oct-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Why I don't advise clients on cryptos

    The RBI had banned banks from holding or facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, but the Supreme Court set aside that circular

  • 17-Oct-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Wanted, a panel to settle tax disputes

    The government should constitute a panel to examine disputes, especially those where the Department has lost in the lower forums and appealed in a higher one

  • 03-Oct-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Ensure smooth transfer of assets

    To ensure that the nominee becomes the account's beneficial owner in the absence of a Will would require laws to be changed

  • 19-Sep-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Chipping away at EPFO's benefits

    If the Centre only enforces mobility between the EPFO and NPS, the subscribers will settle the argument by voting with their feet

  • 05-Sep-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Adopt glide path to a diversified portfolio

    In the case of many senior-level executives, their employer company's shares at times account for 40-90 per cent of the portfolio, making it extremely concentrated

  • 22-Aug-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Use only 'mad money' to invest in fads

    Investors with a compulsive need to participate in any ongoing action should do so by having a 'mad money' allocation-money they can afford to lose

  • 08-Aug-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Short claim procedure needed for old policies

    Section 45 of Insurance Act says claims can't be rejected in policies older than three years. Then why demand so many papers in such cases?

  • 25-Jul-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    How you use a loan determines tax benefit

    Interest paid on even a loan against property is tax deductible if you can prove that the loan was utilised for your child's higher education

  • 11-Jul-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Assess your advisor on long-term performance

    If you assess your advisor on short-term returns, he will use riskier products to generate them, which could result in losses

  • 27-Jun-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Will you be rich?

    On doing the math, I discovered I would be able to achieve most of my goals provided I made some adjustments and invested more resources

  • 13-Jun-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Statutory nominations can reduce disputes

    The life insurance kind of 'statutory nomination', which confers final ownership on the nominee, is the need of the hour for all assets

  • 30-May-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    To use artificial life support, or not to

    Throw in the financial consequences and you know that your loved ones will be under tremendous pressure if they have to make this decision

  • 16-May-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Action is the best antidote to helplessness

    The highest satisfaction has come from using my professional skills to help reconstruct the financial records of a family that lost its breadwinner

  • 25-Apr-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Traditional policies' tax benefits must go

    The tax exemption encouraged retail investors to buy traditional policies, which, in turn, invested in G-Secs. But now there are many other buyers for G-Secs

  • 11-Apr-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    Stick to asset allocation during Covid 2.0

    The advice to manage investments through appropriate allocation between debt, domestic equity, international equity, real estate and gold remains evergreen

  • 28-Mar-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    New bond offers must fit into your portfolio

    Check if you need to invest in the asset class to which the bond belongs, then see if the bond has the right risk-return profile

  • 14-Mar-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    EPFO's accounting needs transparency jab

    The EPFO is larger than four of the largest mutual funds put together, yet it has opaque accounting practices with no portfolio disclosure even at year-end

  • 28-Feb-2021 | Harsh Roongta

    KYC norms hindering financial penetration

    CKYC is failing to have the desired impact due to lack of clear directions from the regulators, and lack of connectivity between the stakeholders and the repository