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  • 11-Oct-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Borrowers need fair rates, not just waiver

    With portability, a large number of borrowers will move to a 1-2 percentage points lower rate and enjoy handsome savings

  • 27-Sep-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Labelling may not affect risk perception

    Investors perceive debt funds to be a safe and tax-friendly alternative to banks FDs. Grading a fund as 'very high risk' may not have a major impact

  • 13-Sep-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Guaranteed loans have multiplier effect

    Government guarantee will help and restart businesses which will kickstart the virtuous circle of employment, consumption, and growth

  • 30-Aug-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Taxpayers' charter: Expect more fairness

    The tax charter has been issued under the newly minted Section 119A of I-T Act. It is no longer an unenforceable administrative promise made by CBDT more as a public-relations exercise

  • 16-Aug-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Risk and return: Make the right trade-off

    An SIP in an equity fund can reduce the average cost of investing and boost return. But it can't eliminate the risk of loss of principal

  • 30-Jul-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Take money out to smell the roses

    The client believes that a financial planner's role is to tell him to spend as little as possible now and keep investing to secure his future

  • 16-Jul-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    A combination strategy to invest in gold

    Buying jewellery is not investing in gold. It loses 20-25 per cent of value as soon as you take it out of the showroom. Gold bars and coins have purity concerns

  • 25-Jun-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Before the Will, prepare for disability

    It's important for all heirs to present a united front to give comfort to banks/depository participants

  • 11-Jun-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    A deferred free lunch for good conduct

    RBI could ask banks to reward customers who do not default by giving a discount at the end of the loan's tenure

  • 28-May-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Do borrowers have any rights?

    Can the bank take shelter under the omnibus problems caused by the Covid-19 crisis to indiscriminately cut down on the sanctioned credit limits

  • 15-May-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Centre should charge for guarantee

    Only PSUs can raise money cheaply today since it is assumed that the government won't let them default

  • 23-Apr-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Arrears' collection will be tricky

    We need to understand the nature of the astronomical tax arrears' figure of Rs 9 trillion

  • 09-Apr-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Strategy for meeting goals

    Moving money from equity to debt in the last stages of any financial goal ensures that the corpus does not erode suddenly due to a fall in the stock market

  • 18-Mar-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Move from debt to equity, but gradually

    The only social distancing I am unable to do is give up my morning walks, which is in an open ground

  • 04-Mar-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Don't play with debt portfolio

    Any investment can be evaluated on the three primary parameters - risk, return and liquidity. These three parameters are inversely linked

  • 19-Feb-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    When concession is a penalty

    The new optional tax regime is likely to become the only one available in a few years. This will affect real estate

  • 01-Feb-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Redefined in Budget: Who's an Indian resident

    This is a rather high price to pay for the Indian passport as NRIs will now end up paying tax on income earned outside India and they never even set foot in India for the whole year

  • 15-Jan-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    WIll SBI's loan revive trust?

    In SBI's scheme, the buyer pays only the down payment. The developer pays the interest during the construction period

  • 01-Jan-2020 | Harsh Roongta

    Ease of doing business for NRIs

    There seems to be a fundamental flaw in the way some of the income tax provisions are administered that hurts non-resident Indians' (NRI) real estate investments in India

  • 18-Dec-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    Gold is old

    In most schemes, where the monthly investment is a fixed amount, investors run the risk of the price of gold rising during the tenure of the recurring deposit

  • 04-Dec-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    Don't fall prey to impulse purchases

    A credit card does have some virtues; it can be beneficial in an emergency

  • 20-Nov-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    Now, seller returning cash to realty buyer

    The government needs to make the method of calculating the ready-reckoner rate for each locality completely data driven and transparent

  • 06-Nov-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    Confidence in financial sector at stake

    IL&FS, DHFL and PMC Bank scandals have left people apprehensive about financial institutions

  • 23-Oct-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    Tax benefit to cooperatives should go

    Return to societies from cooperative banks is almost double that from commercial banks

  • 08-Oct-2019 | Harsh Roongta

    The mess called cooperative banks

    Either co-operative banks or their depositors should be required to buy commercially priced deposit insurance above the level insured by the statutory cover