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  • 12-Feb-2020 | Shankar Acharya

    Some thoughts on the Budget

    The four key features of the Budget: Context, transparency, expansionary and protectionist

  • 09-Jan-2020 | Shankar Acharya

    The darkening sky

    Shadows of the events in 2019 will loom large over the world and India

  • 12-Dec-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Why neglect exports?

    India's exports are held back more by our inadequate policies than by any stagnation in world trade

  • 18-Nov-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    The jobs crisis worsens

    Economic slowdown is only partially to blame for the rise in unemployment. The principal reason is weak policies

  • 09-Oct-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Corporate tax cuts and growth

    Reduced rates will have little impact in the short run, but could have a significant positive impact on growth in the medium term

  • 11-Sep-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Growth prospects dim

    Given India's policy and institutional constraints, it will be difficult to significantly accelerate economic growth from present rates

  • 08-Aug-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    How fast is India growing?

    With corporate earnings not meeting expectations and automobile sales plunging in July 2019, the story could get uglier

  • 10-Jul-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Budget and macro challenges

    There is little in the Budget to provide the necessary growth impetus to take the economy to $5 trillion

  • 13-Jun-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Confronting macro challenges

    With key macro indicators flashing amber or red, business as usual is not an option

  • 08-May-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Populous Asia: A 40-year retrospect

    In 1980, Indonesia was the most prosperous. Today, China is streets ahead of the rest

  • 10-Apr-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Macroeconomic priorities for new govt

    It will have to contend with some key challenges that do not figure in the election manifestos

  • 13-Feb-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    India slips into a pre-Keynesian world

    We must improve our statistical systems or be condemned to make policy in the smoky haze of inadequate and politically filtered data

  • 09-Jan-2019 | Shankar Acharya

    Some macroeconomic musings for 2019

    The challenges of growth and job-creation in 2019 look quite daunting

  • 12-Dec-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Education: The continuing tragedy

    Without serious and systemic education reforms by the central and state governments, the future looks dark

  • 14-Nov-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    A macro, financial & regulatory cocktail

    Future growth in output, incomes and employment will depend on how macro, financial and regulatory issues are handled now

  • 10-Oct-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Low tariffs, high protection

    Even relatively moderate tariffs of around 20 per cent can be highly protective and distortionary

  • 08-Aug-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Wanted: Better trade policies

    Import tariffs discourage trade; they do not reduce the trade deficit or foster a competitive manufacturing sector

  • 12-Jul-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Macro stability at risk

    Govt should let the rupee depreciate, speed up GST refunds, maintain fiscal prudence, persevere with IBC and avoid policy mistakes

  • 14-Jun-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    The world gets scarier

    Mr Trump's actions on trade, foreign policy and global public goods pose a new kind of threat to the liberal international economic order

  • 10-May-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Dispelling growth delusions

    Trends in the ingredients of the 'noughties' growth surge do not augur well for sustained 8 per cent plus growth in the future

  • 12-Apr-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    The wealth of nations

    India's prospects for rapid increase in human capital are hobbled by the state of our education systems

  • 08-Feb-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Budget 2018 to aid growth, but with higher inflation, weaker fiscal balance

    The inescapable inference is that govt now finds it extremely difficult to get the deficit down to 3%

  • 10-Jan-2018 | Shankar Acharya

    Global disorder vs economic progress

    Troubles in the global order are real, even if they are not yet reflected in current, buoyant GDP trends

  • 13-Dec-2017 | Shankar Acharya

    2017: A year of troublesome twins

    These are likely to continue to be challenges for the economy in the coming year

  • 11-Oct-2017 | Shankar Acharya

    Past policies constrain economic recovery

    Sorting out the flaws in GST, exchange rate depreciation and avoiding fiscal slippages should be the top priorities for the government