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  • 12-Jun-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    From Nagpur, with 'love'

    Mr Mukherjee's rambling discourse on history and the Constitution would find few takers even among his own erstwhile party-men

  • 12-May-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Datarji's nursery

    When I thought I could write commentary in popular press, Datarji told me to keep reading Calcutta Diary (as it was then called) in Economic and Political Weekly

  • 08-May-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The Judges (removal) Case

    The judiciary is as much in need of transparency as it mandates for others

  • 10-Apr-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Modi the gladiator

    Mr Modi is the first state chief minister to have been the prime minister for nearly four years

  • 06-Apr-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Martin Luther King's assassination: When the world's conscience was awoken

    It is fifty years since King was killed and the world's conscience was awoken. Those were the days one thought they'd never end

  • 13-Mar-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Why do farmers in Maharashtra turn to govt with omnibus demands?

    The current protest may not break the rural vicious circle, but it has made India more aware of Bharat's distress

  • 13-Feb-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Green isn't white: Production of milk, vegetables affected by seasonality

    The Indian consumer demand is mainly for fresh produce, not its processed product

  • 08-Jan-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Gujarat results show that only market prices don't define rural distress

    A more pertinent indicator of rural distress would be rural livelihood as a whole

  • 18-Dec-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Gujarat elections: Close, but no cigar

    The electorate appears to have seen this election not as an exuberant dance of democracy but a bothersome ritual it could not avoid

  • 11-Dec-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani


    The Gujarat election is being covered and its results analysed even before they are announced as if it decided the nation's fate

  • 30-Nov-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    In Gujarat, again a Modi referendum

    The formal outcome of the contest will be known on December 18. Be prepared for history repeating itself, possibly even more forcefully

  • 23-Nov-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The evil that Robert Mugabe did

    His 37-year rule smothered the aspirations and ambitions of an ebullient young nation and plunged it into an abyss of despair

  • 13-Nov-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Nehru in the time of Modi

    The criticisms gain traction because of the identity of the Nehru-Gandhi family with what now passes for Congress ideology

  • 09-Oct-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Slowdown revisited

    Our demand-driven economic growth of the last decade resembled a needle resting atop a low flat base

  • 03-Oct-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    A slowdown foretold

    Watchdogs of the economy have not been barking; it is high time we noticed it

  • 18-Sep-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Discounting the bullet train

    Even the best estimates of future utilisation of such projects are often short of what really happens

  • 11-Sep-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Reading Mr Modi's mind

    Mr Modi has shown an enormous penchant for risks that would deter most other politicians

  • 06-Sep-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Maximum City, maximum floods

    Unlike other cities, Mumbai picks itself up and goes about its business as before

  • 07-Aug-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Witness to freedom

    India is free, certainly, and has been so for 70 years. But are Indians free-spirited?

  • 10-Jul-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Other elephants in the room

    The impending sale of the justly maligned Air India has caused much excitement

  • 08-Jul-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Rights and wrongs

    The most basic human right is that to some meaningful and dignified life

  • 22-Jun-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Stale doughnuts

    Book review of 'Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist'

  • 16-Jun-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Raisina on the Thames

    Indian political lords have large and small clans to bequeath their powers and lucre to

  • 12-Jun-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Ignorance isn't bliss

    Ignorance, innumeracy and misinformation make a volatile cocktail in the present troubled times

  • 26-May-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Roger Moore: The gentleman Bond

    He may not be remembered as best Bond, he would be the one with the best looks and the most charm