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  • 21-May-2021 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The all-too-familiar Mahatma

    Any serious student of Indian political history would not be unaware of My Experiments with Truth, the Mahatma's true autobiography.

  • 01-Jan-2021 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Sacrilege at IIMA: Louis Kahn's architectural legacy is integral, symbiotic

    Only a petty administration would think of destroying any part of it

  • 19-Nov-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Jinnah, the maverick autocrat

    Book review of Jinnah His Successes, Failures and Role in History

  • 03-Oct-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Caste, American style

    Book review of Caste: The lies that Divide Us

  • 15-Jul-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    All (garbled) sound and (little) fury

    In his tenure, Mr Bolton was the president's faithful companion on all the president's sojourns and meetings with world leaders

  • 13-Jul-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Atmanirbharata's white knight

    Milk production and dairy processing are not in the least dependent on Chinese inputs, nor are they likely to face a competitive threat from that direction any time soon

  • 09-Jun-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Getting the growth back?

    It would be a major miracle if the economy does not contract this year

  • 06-Jun-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The America I knew

    A wave of protests and violence has erupted in the United States following the death of an African-American, George Floyd, in Minneapolis

  • 18-May-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The stimulus that wasn't

    The bulk of Ms Sitharaman's proposals addressed supply problems, with only occasional and cursory references to demand, mostly as an afterthought

  • 11-May-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Waiting for Godot

    Experts say that the curve is not yet flattening and the peak may occur as late as mid-August

  • 13-Apr-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Mr Modi's mojo

    Coronavirus has occasioned us to see how copious Mr Modi's mojo bag is

  • 11-Apr-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Withdrawal symptoms

    Newspapers were an inseparable part of our growing up, and not just English papers, but those in local languages as well

  • 09-Mar-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Successions, values and loyalties

    Most organisations have identified career development paths for their star performers.

  • 10-Feb-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Marathons, but no winners

    In this season of heightened awareness of a functional democracy, we need to realise that the travesty of Budgetary accountability is yet another step in the direction of citizens' disempowerment

  • 14-Jan-2020 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Quo vadis, Modi 2.0?

    Some of the criticism is sheer hyperbole, calling the present turmoil India's second struggle for Independence

  • 10-Dec-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    IRMA: Relevance @ 40

    Unlike crop cultivation, most farmers now see dairying as an enterprise, says the author

  • 12-Nov-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    India's mood = Moody's India?

    Economic bad news has been trickling in since the beginning of 2019, but was buried under the nationalistic election rhetoric

  • 07-Oct-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The onion enigma

    Unfortunately, both the perception and prescriptions offered are shrouded in myths, which need to be deconstructed to know one's onions

  • 10-Sep-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Modi 2.0: Baptism by (economic) fire

    Modi 2.0 certainly matched Roosevelt's despatch in managing legislative affairs in its early days

  • 12-Aug-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Will Modi magic work, this time in Kashmir?

    He has staked it all on the Jammu and Kashmir decision. He may well succeed, since fortune favours not only the brave but, at times, the reckless as well

  • 02-Aug-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Salaam Bombay: An ode to the glorious city before it became Mumbai

    Deluged with unpleasant news every Monsoon, Mumbai had a different face to show the world when it was Bombay. The writer takes a trip back in time

  • 20-Jul-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Tie-break travesties

    Even those Bollywood schlock-meisters, Manmohan Desai and David Dhawan, who built their oeuvres almost entirely on fantastic coincidences, would have found these parallels outrageous

  • 08-Jul-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Devaluing Budgets

    What is remarkable about Budget 2019-20 is that it does not even make the pretence to be the financial statement the Constitution enjoins it to be

  • 11-Jun-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Modi 2.0's new clothes

    The economy has been slowing down for over a year now, but Mr Modi and his government had been in (election-induced) denial

  • 23-May-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Second historic victory: A moment for Narendra Modi and BJP to savour

    Mr Modi had made this claim in his last campaign rally, but most of us treated it as mere propaganda hyperbole