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  • 10-Jan-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Pride and prejudices

    The writing is meandering. Long asides interrupt the narrative out of the blue; references to events yet to be described appear with regularity

  • 08-Jan-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    De-risking Bharat through UBI

    Stripped of political hyperbole, that is exactly what rural India- in other words, Bharat as is evocatively called - yearns for.

  • 02-Jan-2019 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Time for true universal basic income

    If the new basic income programme is restricted to the bottom 50 per cent of the population, both urban and rural, it would cover the most vulnerable groups

  • 27-Dec-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Rural distress 2018: False cures galore

    Rural distress is real and its causation is shrouded in unsubstantiated myths. Finding realistic and practical solutions needs a clearing of these cobwebs, not the hubris of campaign rhetoric

  • 11-Dec-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Dance of the hemlock drinkers

    It is tempting to conjure up similar meetings in the course of the assembly elections as Mr Baker had done 50 years ago

  • 13-Nov-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Values and aberrations

    Human history is of evolution in desirable directions, but it is not without hiccups or even major reversals at times

  • 30-Oct-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    How Patel became Sardar

    Vallabhbhai Patel's great claim to fame originated from his steely leadership of a struggle against a repressive regime, a good three decades before the achievement of states' unification

  • 08-Oct-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    A small candle of hope

    The Peace Prize honouring indomitable individual courage and moral leadership is a most appropriate act of faith in these fraught times, as it was in 2014

  • 12-Sep-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Dwijendra Tripathi: The Business history pioneer

    Unlike most of his contemporaries on the IIM A faculty, Tripathi cultivated associations with the local academic circles and business community

  • 10-Sep-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Onward to Modi's Ajeya Bharat

    Regardless of whether the Modi government has managed the economy well, it has certainly been able to make economic management not such a hot-button issue

  • 19-Aug-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The two 'uncles'

    Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Ronald Wilson Reagan led their nations against all odds

  • 13-Aug-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    This 'Mulk' of mine

    My mulk today is an odd collection of a million mutinies raging, large and small, as Sir Vidia Naipul so aptly put it, writes Shreekant Sambrani

  • 12-Jul-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Farm distress, MSPs and UBI

    Universal basic income as a concept is still a work in progress and needs much debate and elaboration. Its acceptance would be fraught with political risks

  • 11-Jul-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Unsound Modinomics of MSPs

    The consequences of overproduction of paddy and sugarcane are particularly grievous

  • 23-Jun-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    How Jindals' EV foray fits perfectly with its steel and energy business

    Sajjan is clear that there is a neat relationship between steel & automobiles, he says, that will make a completely contemporary vehicle, in keeping with consumers' aspirations, not like the Nano

  • 12-Jun-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    From Nagpur, with 'love'

    Mr Mukherjee's rambling discourse on history and the Constitution would find few takers even among his own erstwhile party-men

  • 12-May-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Datarji's nursery

    When I thought I could write commentary in popular press, Datarji told me to keep reading Calcutta Diary (as it was then called) in Economic and Political Weekly

  • 08-May-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    The Judges (removal) Case

    The judiciary is as much in need of transparency as it mandates for others

  • 10-Apr-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Modi the gladiator

    Mr Modi is the first state chief minister to have been the prime minister for nearly four years

  • 06-Apr-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Martin Luther King's assassination: When the world's conscience was awoken

    It is fifty years since King was killed and the world's conscience was awoken. Those were the days one thought they'd never end

  • 13-Mar-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Why do farmers in Maharashtra turn to govt with omnibus demands?

    The current protest may not break the rural vicious circle, but it has made India more aware of Bharat's distress

  • 13-Feb-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Green isn't white: Production of milk, vegetables affected by seasonality

    The Indian consumer demand is mainly for fresh produce, not its processed product

  • 08-Jan-2018 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Gujarat results show that only market prices don't define rural distress

    A more pertinent indicator of rural distress would be rural livelihood as a whole

  • 18-Dec-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani

    Gujarat elections: Close, but no cigar

    The electorate appears to have seen this election not as an exuberant dance of democracy but a bothersome ritual it could not avoid

  • 11-Dec-2017 | Shreekant Sambrani


    The Gujarat election is being covered and its results analysed even before they are announced as if it decided the nation's fate