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  • 14-Jan-2017 | Veenu Sandhu

    Feeling anxious? These apps will help you calm your nerves

    Veenu Sandhu lists apps that can help you destress

  • 13-Jan-2017 | Veenu Sandhu

    Kamal Haasan, the man who turned to biryani to make a case for Jallikattu

    If there is one dish that has been impacted by history, politics & geography, it is the biryani

  • 06-Jan-2017 | Veenu Sandhu

    Just move it

    Forget the gym - 2017 is about functional training and natural movements

  • 09-Dec-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Inhalable insulin? Not yet

    This is the latest in a series of setbacks in the research to find a less painful alternative to administer insulin

  • 04-Dec-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    What makes Khan Market in Delhi India's most expensive retail location?

    "The monthly rent for one of the latest shops that got a new tenant is Rs 8.75 lakh for a space of 464 sq ft

  • 02-Dec-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Veenu Sandhu: Nationalism in spirit, not rituals

    The country's top court choosing to reduce nationalism to performing a ritual compulsorily does not augur well for democracy

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Sound of silence

    As he strives to put India on the world stage, NSD Director Waman Kendre keeps his plays centred around voices that often go unheard

  • 05-Nov-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Let's first talk about what should not be done in Kashmir: Radha Kumar

    Interview with Writer and policy analyst

  • 05-Nov-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Children see, they do

    Last week, I encountered a question I wish no child would ever feel the need to ask. "Has there ever been a time when there was peace in the world?" my daughter asked me. And then, after some thinking, she answered the question herself: "Probably ...

  • 20-Oct-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    History repeats itself for Fawad Khan

    In the India versus Pakistan rhetoric, Fawad Khan has been a casualty twice over

  • 08-Oct-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Behind enemy lines

    The author looks at the lives of para commandos and the gruelling training they undergo to become a part of the elite force equipped to carry out surgical strikes

  • 08-Oct-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    When time stands still

    War, and proxy war, demand and always extract a price - from both sides. But how do you make a neighbour, who will simply not stop provoking, and the jingoists see this?

  • 01-Oct-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    The heart of the matter

    Higher than normal levels of homocysteine lead to inflammation and narrowing of the arteries

  • 03-Sep-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    A wondrous tale of India

    The best-selling story of a rollicking French adventurer during the Sepoy Mutiny captures one of the many ideas of India in an English translation 149 years after it was first published

  • 03-Sep-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    One world, many stories

    The first BRICS Film Festival brings to screen relatable tales from across boundaries

  • 27-Aug-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Holding your data ransom

    Digital extortion, in which hackers lock out all your data and seek ransom, is a real threat today

  • 13-Aug-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    We are the world

    Are we better off than we were yesterday? Look at our home

  • 06-Aug-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Priyanka Gandhi: The indispensable

    A beleaguered Congress waits for Priyanka Gandhi, always a backroom leader, to come to the forefront

  • 30-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    The right wardrobe for your Bullet

    The Royal Enfield gear is about safety and style without compromising on comfort

  • 16-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Pooja Thakur has sued the Indian Air Force

    Women officer have for long fought for equal roles in the armed forces

  • 16-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Does a fat tax help?

    While burgers and pizzas have been taxed, fattening Indian foods like samosa and jalebis have been left out

  • 16-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Dancing hands

    Those dancing hands sometimes pop up in my head and life, through all its misery and madness, appears beautiful again

  • 09-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Never too old for crayons

    Colouring books for adults are helping people loosen up and rediscover their childhood

  • 02-Jul-2016 | Veenu Sandhu & Nikita Puri

    Checking out

    Originally inaugurated in 1893 (and rebuilt in 1931), the Waldorf was the first hotel to offer complete electricity, private bathrooms and room service

  • 25-Jun-2016 | Veenu Sandhu

    Rio on your mind

    Come August and the world's finest athletes from 206 countries will be out to prove their best at the Olympics. If you plan to witness the action in person at Rio de Janeiro