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  • 03-May-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    Michael Dell and the big turnaround

    Dell Computers is one of the survivors that rode the original IBM-compatible PC wave and managed to successfully reinvent itself when that market became a low-margin commodity play

  • 02-May-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    A true picture of the post-pandemic future

    There are very few issues that the report has failed to mention or explore in depth

  • 05-Apr-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    The carbon cost of data

    It is estimated that the cloud industry consumes more power than many nation states, and it is a bigger emitter than the global aviation industry

  • 31-Mar-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    The PayPal mafia

    The gist of the PayPal history is known to those who follow Silicon Valley history

  • 28-Feb-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    Learning from the Ukraine experience

    The fact that the number of Indian students who go abroad for studies is increasing every year is well-known

  • 10-Feb-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    Disruption as a business process

    How did Silicon Valley become the hub of the world's most disruptive and innovative start-ups? The setting up of Stanford University definitely can claim some credit for that

  • 31-Jan-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    Look beyond the short term

    There have been few efforts to reform India's education sector seriously over the decades

  • 03-Jan-2022 | Prosenjit Datta

    Covid-19: Avoiding old mistakes

    The world, and particularly India, needs to be cautious and prepared for the worst

  • 23-Dec-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    The business of saving the earth

    Net Positive is a concept that entails the corporation putting back more into the environment and society than it takes out

  • 30-Nov-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    A sea of problems

    Before the era of industrialisation, the oceans actually released more carbon into the atmosphere than they took in

  • 02-Nov-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    The green issues of tomorrow

    Even while these efforts are underway, new threats to the environment are cropping up.

  • 04-Oct-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    Whose company is it?

    The Invesco vs the Goenkas saga will see a long-drawn-out court battle before shareholders get any chance to vote on any proposal by the management or Invesco

  • 21-Sep-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    The Lord of Short Videos

    This is a great primer in a developing story and highly recommended

  • 31-Aug-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    The tech landscape is changing

    The action against big tech in the US could affect start-ups in other countries like India both positively and negatively

  • 18-Aug-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    How Big Tech is watching you

    Luckily, governments around the world have started waking up to both the dangers and started working on curbing Big Tech

  • 03-Aug-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    Spying the patterns

    The most useful parts of the book are in understanding the pitfalls when dealing with a mass of information and data

  • 02-Aug-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    Catching up on chip

    The chip industry is divided largely into players who design and fabricate their own chips; those who only design chips; and those who only fabricate chips

  • 20-Jul-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    Surviving in the business battlefield

    Book review of The Art of Business Wars

  • 05-Jul-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    A bottleneck in the vaccine chain

    Prosenjit Datta points to a possible crisis as the government moves to improve supplies of Covid vaccines: inadequate testing facilities to handle those volumes

  • 28-Jun-2021 | Prosenjit Datta

    AI: The origin story

    Book review of Genius Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought AI to Google, Facebook and the World