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  • 11-Jan-2022 | Ambi Parameswaran

    FMCG distribution system in a flux

    Large companies that set up the complex distribution system in the country are today faced with the challenge of handling a many-headed monster

  • 08-Jan-2022 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Gerson da Cunha: A marketing guru, a social activist, a theatre veteran

    Gerson da Cunha, the legendary advertising professional, who headed the Lintas ad agency passed away at 92

  • 07-Dec-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Does size matter?

    If what we are seeing is not a passing trend, video consumption in India is moving more and more towards the mobile phone

  • 09-Nov-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Who is your competition?

    Marketing Myopia: When Nirma was rising rapidly, grabbing a huge share of the middle-class washing market, HUL did not see it as real competition

  • 12-Oct-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Bollywood's reflection of tastes

    Have Bollywood movies, in terms of genres, been changing as well? Or is Bollywood still churning out a standardised masala mix product

  • 07-Sep-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    An 'evolutionary psychology' explanation

    Studies have shown that across cultures, males tend to value physical attractiveness and youth in their mates, while females value financial prospects, ambition and industriousness

  • 10-Aug-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Rural consumers' brand adoption

    The question remains whether rural households that experimented with a packaged branded atta or packaged branded detergent will continue to use the same

  • 13-Jul-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Message in a bottle

    When Cristiano Ronaldo moved the Coke bottles from the media table, he was changing the nature of the Coke-FIFA Euro 2020 sponsorship contract

  • 08-Jun-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Influencing the influencers

    Why is ASCI asking social media influencers to flag that they are paid when a celebrity is featuring in an ad but is not disclosing that s/he is a paid endorser?

  • 11-May-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Beards become fashionable

    The slowing down of shaving habits has had a deep impact on one brand that stands for shaving: Gillette

  • 13-Apr-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Bindi hits the spot

    It is now left to be seen if the bindi gets a global sheen, thanks to Nasa's Swati Mohan

  • 09-Mar-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Board games spin new tales

    Folks getting tired of playing games on their phones are looking for a different way to engage their senses and bond with friends and family

  • 09-Feb-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Eyes and ears of marketing

    Media experts point out various flaws in the BARC television rating system. But what they don't point out is that BARC ratings (or the earlier TAM ratings) are not used by advertisers in isolation

  • 18-Jan-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Ready for a reboot: How B-Schools can adapt to the new normal amid Covid-19

    The pandemic has been a period of serious rethinking at all B-schools

  • 12-Jan-2021 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Appointment viewing will live on

    Human beings are creatures of habit and appointment (viewing) is a habit that they have perfected over the many millennia they have inhabited this blue dot we call Planet Earth

  • 08-Dec-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Markets crowded, but malls empty

    From Ranganathan Street in T Nagar, Chennai, to Dadar market in Mumbai, there was frenzied shopping during Diwali. But malls have not had such luck

  • 10-Nov-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    The low involvement challenge

    One obvious solution is to create an advertising property that resonates emotionally with the consumer.

  • 13-Oct-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Rejection? Face, process, learn, reboot

    If applied well, this simple four-step formula can help you revive the falling fortunes of any brand

  • 09-Sep-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Tech marketing: Time for renewal?

    Tech marketing can get out of the MarCom maze if it can start championing buyer behaviour research, innovation and experimentation

  • 11-Aug-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Companionship that comes on four legs

    One of the reasons touted for the rise of dog ownership in the US has been the rise of single-person households and aged living as empty nesters. This could also be happening in India