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  • 10-Nov-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    The low involvement challenge

    One obvious solution is to create an advertising property that resonates emotionally with the consumer.

  • 13-Oct-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Rejection? Face, process, learn, reboot

    If applied well, this simple four-step formula can help you revive the falling fortunes of any brand

  • 09-Sep-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Tech marketing: Time for renewal?

    Tech marketing can get out of the MarCom maze if it can start championing buyer behaviour research, innovation and experimentation

  • 11-Aug-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Companionship that comes on four legs

    One of the reasons touted for the rise of dog ownership in the US has been the rise of single-person households and aged living as empty nesters. This could also be happening in India

  • 30-Jul-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Face-to-face selling hits a wall

    By understanding the new normal, you can recalibrate your sales machine to become even more productive

  • 15-Jul-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    'Purpose washing' in times of crisis

    It is dangerous for brands to jump onto a new bandwagon every time there is a "purpose" on the horizon

  • 28-May-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Unboxing the revenge shopper

    This brand of customer is waiting with bated breath for the lockdown to ease so she can head out to the nearest luxury products store

  • 13-May-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Pet market boom

    Rising incomes, better support services and need for companionship are among factors driving this boom

  • 23-Mar-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Brand taglines and pop culture

    Are digital ads depriving brands of the benefits of long-running themes?

  • 10-Mar-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Branded generics: Uncertainty or opportunity?

    The rules of the game in India's branded generics market are fuzzy to say the least

  • 16-Feb-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Distractable v/s indistractable audiences

    From a marketer's point of view, we need to figure out how to ride the distraction tiger better

  • 16-Jan-2020 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Innovations that create markets

    India leapfrogged from manual typewriters to PCs. Are we going to see rural India moving from cycle rickshaws to e-rickshaws?

  • 30-Dec-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Taking ayurveda to the world

    With the whole world turning to natural products, the time for its rebirth is just right

  • 24-Nov-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Changing food habits & yo-yo dieting

    Even if our weight yo-yos, our overall health will keep getting better

  • 27-Oct-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    How big data can help vulnerable people manage their health and lives

    When used sensibly, big data can save lives and help build better future citizens - one human bit at a time

  • 01-Oct-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    The theory of the 'timepass' nation

    There is such demand for content, even old movies and television shows are being repurposed for the smart phone

  • 29-Aug-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    The science of ambient marketing

    We are seeing the introduction of curated products labelled "home fragrances"

  • 08-Aug-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Optimise your LUP strategy

    Don't let multi-layer laminate packaging choke up our drainage systems

  • 04-Jul-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    The rise of the silver generation

    Senior citizens are now referred as silver generation in the new marketing lexicon

  • 31-May-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Influencing the influencer

    The game is played better in the developed countries

  • 29-Apr-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    'Sur-real' estate buyer behaviour

    Real estate websites might have decimated the classified ads of newspapers, but they are yet to fully capitalise on the capabilities of data analytics

  • 29-Mar-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    From inches to centimeters

    Indian consumers are getting used to better decor and IKEA is is teaching Indians to plan and buy furniture

  • 21-Feb-2019 | Ambi Parameswaran

    How podcasts are making smartphones 'smart'

    Podcasts are no longer a quaint US phenomenon designed for a nation that spends a lot of time driving around and waiting for traffic signals to change

  • 30-Dec-2018 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Don't search for meaning

    Why alphabet soup corporate names will continue to grow

  • 02-Dec-2018 | Ambi Parameswaran

    Creating a shortage to sell more

    This adaptation of human behaviour towards shortages can be observed even in the most esoteric of settings