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  • 17-Jan-2022 | Mahesh Vyas

    Some unemployment puzzles

    Why are so many young boys and girls keen to work but are not actively looking for work?

  • 10-Jan-2022 | Mahesh Vyas

    Consumer sentiments fell in December

    The return to normalcy in December 2021 was celebrated by the rich and not by the rest

  • 03-Jan-2022 | Mahesh Vyas

    India's employment challenge

    In each of the last three months - October, November and December 2021, the unemployment rate has been at 7 per cent or more

  • 27-Dec-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Consumer sentiments weaken in Dec, pose challenge to recovery of economy

    In 2021, the growth in the proportion of households reporting an improvement in incomes has not translated into a proportionate increase in households reporting an inclination to buy consumer durables

  • 20-Dec-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    How India affords a falling LPR

    We find that the fall in LPR since 2016 has been accompanied with a fall in the proportion of households where more than one person is employed

  • 13-Dec-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Households have not recovered

    Economic growth is supposed to deliver on these counts and not just on tax collections or freight movement or foreign trade

  • 06-Dec-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Employment data disappoints in November

    According to World Bank's modelled ILO estimates, only 17 countries are worse than India on LPR

  • 29-Nov-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Rural India unimpressed by farm law repeal

    Farmers' perception regarding their future well-being is obviously linked to the outcome of their agitation

  • 22-Nov-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Manufacturing jobs yet to recover

    Wages have grown at a faster rate in the non-finance services sector compa­red to manufacturing

  • 15-Nov-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Sluggish recovery after sharp fall

    The inverse relationship between household income levels and the rate of recovery in consumer sentiments is both disappointing and counter-intuitive. But the data is unambiguous

  • 08-Nov-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Self-employment increases

    People who cannot find acceptable jobs and can become self-employed entrepreneurs indulge themselves but they mostly cannot provide employment to others

  • 01-Nov-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Household incomes better, caution prevails

    Change in household income is one of the five components of the Index of Consumer Sentiments

  • 25-Oct-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    An IT, ITeS labour conundrum

    The top 10 companies account for about 91 per cent of all employment among listed IT and/or ITeS firms and they make 92.4 per cent of all wage payments to them

  • 18-Oct-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Employment could expand in October

    The week ended October 17 was remarkable as it saw an increase in the LPR and a simultaneous fall in the unemployment rate

  • 11-Oct-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Households cautiously optimistic

    The index of consumer sentiments scaled up by a handsome 7.9 per cent in September

  • 04-Oct-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Employment increases in rural India

    In all the major labour market metrics, it is rural India that shows big improvements. Labour conditions improved in urban India also but not as much as they did in rural India

  • 28-Sep-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Rural markets shine

    Urban India has been lagging the hinterlands on consumer sentiments

  • 20-Sep-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    An incomplete and exhausted recovery

    In August 2021, seventeen months after that draconian lockdown of April 2020, employment continues to remain lower than it was in 2019-20

  • 13-Sep-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    Middle-class rural India holds a promise

    Unless a disruption erupts again, rural India seemed poised to help a recovery in consumer demand

  • 06-Sep-2021 | Mahesh Vyas

    From farms to the kitchen sink

    Excess or seasonal labour released from agriculture usually finds its way to construction sites. In the circumstances labour seems to have found employment in the household sector