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  • 13-Jan-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: TINA at Tata

    Natarajan Chandrasekaran will be, in effect, the second TINA candidate to make it to this top job

  • 11-Jan-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: 'Multinationals' without global brands

    India Inc has barely taken a shuffling step forward

  • 06-Jan-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: 'Westernisation' & its discontents

    Karnataka minister deplored westernisation for 'making young women irresistible to loutish men'

  • 28-Dec-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Trump, Modi and the jobs conundrum

    Both have made factory jobs the centre of their economic agendas

  • 22-Dec-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Israel's Egyptian 'saviour'

    Marwan's story is a reminder of the Cold War era in West Asian politics

  • 14-Dec-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: The hard-working Indian

    Work-life balance - or the lack thereof - is the Next Big Thing in corporate culture, right up there with gender equality

  • 09-Dec-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Lines of control

    The culture of subornment and corruption the licence raj bequeathed lives on in the visceral Indian art of queue-jumping

  • 30-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Amazing grace and Amazon's message

    It is hard to understand, though, why Indian corporate leaders should choose to prostrate themselves to political leaderships either

  • 25-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Fashion statements

    The incoming First Lady is a former model who has retained all the glamour of the ramp

  • 16-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Gender politics is not a vote winner

    Notions of women's rights among women alone have many differentiators across income and education levels

  • 11-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Melania's moment

    Donald Trump's presidency is replete with unknown unknowns

  • 09-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Donald Trump: LOUTUS in charge

    Describing the nature of the man who is to govern the American people, the acronym POTUS could well change now

  • 02-Nov-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Tatas' unique governance challenge

    Tata governing ethos is not all that different from the rest. The irony, perhaps, is that the culture is being put to a unique challenge in India's largest corporate group

  • 05-Oct-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: World class 'schizophrenia'

    Enjoying a "world class" lifestyle in India demands being reconciled to a schizophrenic existence

  • 23-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika DAtta: A road by any other name

    Changing the name of Race Course Road may belatedly save the multitudes from moral turpitude

  • 21-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Big Brother is documenting you

    Already, the web is rife with complaints of sudden demands for Aadhaar... even if you own all or any documents.... Aadhaar could well be necessary

  • 16-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Lunch with BS: Srinath Raghavan

    The infantry officer turned academic discusses with Kanika Datta why the Indian Army's role in the world wars is under-studied and the importance of scrapping AFSPA

  • 15-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Tipu Sultan in the 21st century

    Tiger: The Life of Tipu Sultan provides so nuanced a portrait that it probably won't change the terms of the popular debate either

  • 10-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Good non-fiction, finally

    Why aren't more professors and academics writing more readable books on history, politics, diplomacy, economic or current affairs? That's because Indian academia suffers an acute deficiency of origina

  • 07-Sep-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Paternal instincts

    Maneka Gandhi was both right and wrong when she said introducing a law for paternity leave would amount to little more than granting men a paid holiday

  • 24-Aug-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: The last mile

    It's the poor and middle class that bear the brunt of this gap in public service delivery

  • 18-Aug-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Remembering the Nazi hunters

    The work of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, instituted by the Allied victors after the war, is regarded as a valiant, if flawed, effort to bring Nazi leaders to book for these and ot

  • 10-Aug-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Kanika Datta: Schooled for underperformance

    Keeping this large number of kids in school is the first challenge, they aver. Sure, but delivering a low quality of education will eventually create a social blowback

  • 06-Aug-2016 | Kanika Datta

    The Raj deglamourised

    Ferdinand Mount's Tears of the Rajas and Jon Wilson's India Conquered emphasise the egregious aspects of British rule

  • 02-Aug-2016 | Kanika Datta

    Syria's forgotten war

    As Henri De Wailly's book, rigged wars are by no means the prerogative of the 21st century powers