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  • 08-Mar-2018 | Kanika Datta

    The treadmill of business frauds: From 1957 LIC scandal to PNB scam

    Satyam offered the first inkling of the chronic governance problems in Indian companies, when a board stuffed with signature international personality patently failed to do its due diligence

  • 22-Feb-2018 | Kanika Datta

    Are we creeping back to controls on corporate decision making?

    The I-T department's reasoning for this extraordinary ruling: That discounts are being used to create huge intangible assets for the company and therefore constitute capital expenditure

  • 08-Feb-2018 | Kanika Datta

    Balancing the costs of gender equity

    Incentivising women to join the workforce is less the problem than incentivising companies to hire them

  • 07-Feb-2018 | Kanika Datta

    'The Doomsday Machine' review: The nuts and bolts of Armageddon

    Two decades since the end of the Cold War, America's nuclear arsenal remains the juggernaut that encourages global proliferation

  • 24-Jan-2018 | Kanika Datta

    India as a 'business partner'

    Two prominent incidents in the past six months highlight the unanticipated risks associated for a foreign investor in India

  • 10-Jan-2018 | Kanika Datta

    Interlude in Davos

    Public memory is short, but Mr Modi's early days as prime minister stood out for the frequency of his foreign travels

  • 05-Jan-2018 | Kanika Datta

    Star power in politics

    Corruption, the plight of the common man, the triumph of good versus evil are central concerns for the rest of India too, and most actors have played the Superman/crusader role in their heyday

  • 14-Dec-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Spectre of the deep state

    Book review of 'The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton'

  • 13-Dec-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Catching up with sexual harassment

    In India, 70 per cent of women said they did not complain for fear of reprisals, according to a survey this year by the Indian Bar Association

  • 08-Dec-2017 | Kanika Datta

    From Keeler to #metoo

    #metoo owes something to the model at heart of the Profumo affair and and her son's acknowledgement of it

  • 02-Dec-2017 | Kanika Datta

    War of words over 'Pocahontas'

    Pocahontas is a racial slur on several levels

  • 29-Nov-2017 | Kanika Datta

    The trouble with a 'people's car'

    From 2012, Nano's sales shifted steadily down to hit a little over 1,500 in May to October of the current fiscal year

  • 23-Nov-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Free kick for business

    Book review of 'EDGE: What Business Can Learn From Football'

  • 15-Nov-2017 | Kanika Datta

    SHe said, #metoo

    A system that lacks confidentiality and due process could well encourage the filing of false accusations by those who simply have a grudge against their boss

  • 01-Nov-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Doing Business is skin deep

    Foreign investment patterns are a reasonably good proxy for the way Indian business invests

  • 18-Oct-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Mr Modi by the book (and the comic)

    No fan has felt compelled to write about Mr Modi and demonetisation, the biggest such exercise in the world and the most significant policy decision of his regime

  • 10-Oct-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Drone syndrome

    Book review of 'Drone Warrior'

  • 04-Oct-2017 | Kanika Datta

    The public discourse is a-changin'

    Mr Sinha's plain-speak echoed what apolitical economic commentators had been suggesting for months

  • 30-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    A knee for bigotry

    70% of the NFL's players are black men and 98% of the owners are white

  • 21-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Vladimir Putin's destiny

    Book review of 'PUTIN: His Downfall and Russia's Coming Crash'

  • 20-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Ease of doing MSME business

    The problems of India's MSMEs represent in miniature the problems of business in general

  • 11-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Organisations need to encourage 'meta-thinking': Martin Reeves

    He says, in today's environment a company does not need one approach to strategy, but five

  • 06-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Agnes and Diana: Two models of charity

    Diana's death attracted 24X7 coverage for almost a week

  • 04-Sep-2017 | Kanika Datta

    A bitter history of sugar

    Book review of 'Sugar: The World Corrupted From Slavery to Obesity'

  • 25-Aug-2017 | Kanika Datta

    Britain's 'discovery' of India

    Unlike the Germans, Britons began to face the hard truths about their colonial empire only recently