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  • 16-Oct-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    When AI can prevent human fraud

    Even as rules and oversight measures are tightened, a new dimension in fraud prevention is gaining ground. Artificial intelligence is now being used to identify and flag errant behavior

  • 03-Oct-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Automating road safety

    Too much attention has been given to traffic violation fines but not on tech-based measures. The real reform on the roads will be brought about by preventive measures using new technology

  • 18-Sep-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Don't welcome Facebook's Libra

    India's policy makers must be alert to any attempt by Facebook, Mastercard and others to force a cryptocurrency on us

  • 02-Sep-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Diagnosis for a healthy AI system

    The use of AI in diagnosis can make a big difference to India's health parameters. For this to succeed though, the government needs a national effort to build electronic medical records

  • 21-Aug-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Cobots are the new co-workers

    Cobots are most useful in relatively lighter tasks that humans can perform but are repetitive and expose the worker to bodily harm

  • 07-Aug-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Using AI for Hinglish and Benglish

    Speech-based commands can liberate all consumers and professionals from the tyranny of typing on screens. In many ways, voice would be the main social equalizer

  • 24-Jul-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Purity norms drive nanotech in pharma

    A big challenge that drug makers face is the high volume of chemicals which are used and then wasted during the manufacturing process

  • 10-Jul-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    AI policy needs coordinated intelligence

    Fundamental education reforms are required to bridge the great divide between liberal arts and new technologies

  • 27-Jun-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Bringing order to the DNA business

    Genetics and genomics are being deployed for offering precision medicine solutions

  • 13-Jun-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Infusing new energy into startups

    India should encourage startups to use its market as a stepping stone for global expansion. This will inject more excitement and energy into the domestic startup eco-system

  • 29-May-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Modi 2.0 must enhance tech prowess

    In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, mere tinkering with existing government procedures will not enhance India's economic competitiveness

  • 01-May-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Technology as travel companion

    The mobile which was a problem for traditional keys is now the solution for the global travel industry

  • 17-Apr-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Talking to a revolution

    For the millions of newly emerging smart phone users, voicing a query or recording a message is much easier than typing into a tiny keyboard

  • 03-Apr-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Era of instant information

    If the machines are able to generate data, the entire manufacturing process can offer instant insights to managers

  • 03-Apr-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    India partnering with Israel to adopt digital, AI solutions in healthcare

    India already uses Israeli prowess in the fields of defence and agriculture (think drip irrigation). Now, it is showing a growing interest in Israel's digital health solutions as well

  • 20-Mar-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Virtual advice for real finances

    Physical advisors have been receiving tough competition from algorithm-based investment counselling and robo-advisories

  • 06-Mar-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Smart supplies for forces

    Logistics management for the Army is focused mostly on inventory tracking, procurement and resource management

  • 20-Feb-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Mechatronics moves the world

    Domestic manufacturing of smart machines in India can't grow without a big shift away from traditional engineering to merged disciplines like mechatronics

  • 07-Feb-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Small sats, smart analytics

    Small satellites with focused capabilities are offering data insights for commercial use

  • 25-Jan-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Davos 2019: Coping with the dark side of a champagne and chalet life

    At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, several sessions are dedicated to wellness and wellbeing for those in leadership positions

  • 23-Jan-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Cyber security at Davos

    WEF's C4C plans to trigger cooperation and collaboration across the world in a way that hasn't happened in history

  • 22-Jan-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Davos 2019: CEOs see Asia rising in the face of global slowdown

    Confident of rise in consumer demand despite cut in IMF's growth forecast

  • 22-Jan-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    Davos 2019: 140 corporate leaders make up for govt's absence at WEF

    Former Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan, New Development Bank President K V Kamath and IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath are also expected to be there

  • 09-Jan-2019 | Pranjal Sharma

    2019 might see the beginning of a new era of regulatory technology

    Assessing anti-competition practices, tracking online consumer rights and predatory behaviour can't be done without smart tech

  • 26-Dec-2018 | Pranjal Sharma

    Support domestic hardware for sensitive tech

    The recent drone scare at Gatwick airport has exposed the lack of preparedness against drones