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  • 16-Nov-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Choking to death, for many millennia

    We all, but those brought up in a metropolis, remember the days when the air was at least breathable. But even those days of the past weren't pristine

  • 19-Oct-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    We need a new space law

    If Musk succeeds in his plans to send humans to Mars and builds a station there later, would that patch on the red planet belong to all mankind or his SpaceX company

  • 29-Sep-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Right to be forgotten will be arduous as India frames data protection law

    The Personal Data Protection (Draft) Bill, 2018, presented by the Justice B N Srikrishna panel, has a section on the right to be forgotten, even as it does not provide the right to erasure

  • 21-Sep-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Indigenous Indians?

    Though sitting on the fence, I'm looking at the nativists. The only reason: We have already read about the Aryan migration theory in our schools, and it's time we heard the other side

  • 17-Aug-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Flawed superheroes

    Maybe it's time superheroes were increasingly projected in films as flawed humans and not gods

  • 22-Jun-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Boredom is bliss

    Boredom felt during passive activities heightens the "daydreaming effect" on creativity - the more passive the boredom, the more creative a person could be afterwards.

  • 04-May-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Is yeti real? Not a matter of science

    Earth is a big planet and many species still remain undiscovered. Could yetis be one of them? Unlikely

  • 27-Apr-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    The science of Game of Thrones

    And like all fictional worlds, it is self-consistent where our laws of science or general moral code do not apply. Here dragons fly and the dead lives

  • 23-Mar-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Superheroes are like us and more

    Courage and determination fuel superheroes, and not their powers

  • 09-Mar-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Natural selection in verbs

    To understand why we lost certain verbs or words, a guide into Zipf's law, proposed by linguist Geo­rge K Zipf, would be necessary

  • 19-Jan-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Give myth a chance

    A tunnel testing of a 3D-printed vimana model, created on the basis of descriptions in these texts at the University of California, Irvine, showed it to be aerodynamic

  • 04-Jan-2019 | Kumar Abishek

    Apple loses its bite: Why Chinese market is the key for the tech giant?

    In a rare revenue warning, Apple has said sales in the latest quarter would fall as much as 10 per cent below a forecast it issued only two months ago