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  • 12-Oct-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    The Pakistani laureate

    Decades after the violence that broke out under the watch of the British, India and Pakistan are still locked into a conflict that is influenced by religious extremists

  • 11-Oct-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Kashmir's partial story

    Iqbal Chand Malhotra and Maroof Raza's book Kashmir's Untold Story: Declassified will hold the interest of readers who are married to the idea that Kashmir is an integral part of India

  • 02-Oct-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    In Bapu and Ba's shadow

    MKG's legacy is worth studying but the commemorative moment is more about platitudes, less about critical engagement

  • 20-Sep-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    'Gay Icons of India' is replete with generalisations and stereotypes

    The most disturbing part of this book, however, is the depiction of transgender individuals

  • 28-Aug-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    In the line of fire

    The book is worth reading for its nuanced exploration of Assam, a region that is under-reported and widely misrepresented

  • 20-Aug-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Kashmir from the ground up

    Mr Geelani writes about the political aspirations of his own people. This is a position of great responsibility

  • 09-Aug-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Book review: 'Blaming immigrants' busts most myths about refugees

    Neeraj Kaushal uses her training as an economist not just to bust myths about immigration but recommend how things can be fixed

  • 01-Aug-2019 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Half-hearted angst

    Mr Khurshid engages with the question of citizenship only insofar as it concerns the equation between the individual and the state