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  • 23-May-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Streamlining your 'monkey-mind'

    The book is intellectually stimulating and pretty useful even on a practical level

  • 14-May-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Tales from the hills

    The man from Landour who has written short stories, poems, novels, essays, and memoirs, turns 88 next week

  • 06-May-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    A full stop in India

    Jyoti Mukul's book is a welcome study of the economic and emotional impact of the government's decision to shut down transport links to contain transmission of Covid-19

  • 22-Apr-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Bollywood economics

    Given the significance of music in Hindi films, it is not surprising that filmmakers chose to milk it for ideological reasons

  • 15-Apr-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    A southern perspective of Indian history

    With this expansive chronicle of South India between the sixth and 12 centuries, Anirudh Kanisetti seeks to challenge the North India-centric approach in textbooks and academia

  • 25-Mar-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Digital festivities

    The flip side of virtual events is that one does not get to meet fellow attendees, make new friends, or be surprised by the discovery of authors and artists that one knew nothing about

  • 25-Mar-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Covid-19: The human factor

    Barkha Dutt's book bears poignant witness to the stories of those who suffered during the two years of the pandemic

  • 03-Mar-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    War, peace and an interfaith friendship

    Bishop Andrus embarks on an ambitious and noble enterprise

  • 25-Feb-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Stories that inspire

    Some of these people started companies from scratch, others expanded their family businesses

  • 25-Feb-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    A teller of uneasy stories: I want to make honest films, says Onir

    His latest film has run into a wall but Onir, the director who says it as it is, is forging on with projects on a subject less discussed

  • 04-Feb-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Maus ban: It's complicated

    Going by the rulebook is easier said than done because such discussions are fraught with emotion and opinion

  • 28-Jan-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Royal contrarians

    An expertly researched book seeks to question the stereotypes about India's princely states

  • 21-Jan-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Auroville in letter and spirit: a long-time resident's tell-all account

    A long-time resident writes about an intensely personal journey that overlaps with the controversies within this international community devoted to spiritual harmony

  • 14-Jan-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Green is good

    In her book, My Life in Full (2021), Ms Nooyi discusses her "Performance with Purpose" vision

  • 13-Jan-2022 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Unmasking India's Covid response

    This is a tough book to process, especially if getting through the day is hard enough and leaves you with little energy to learn about how others have suffered and continue to suffer

  • 20-Dec-2021 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Healing from loss

    This book articulates some of the concerns that torment people when their loved ones die

  • 10-Dec-2021 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Not the other

    In her book, We Are Not The Others: Reflections of a Transgender Artivist (2021), Kalki Subramaniam opens up about the insensitive questions that transgender people are compelled to hear and answer on

  • 26-Nov-2021 | Chintan Girish Modi

    Children of the earth

    Conceptualised by Avid Learning, and published by HarperCollins India, this book is based on Priya Thuvassery's 53-minute film Coral Woman (2019)

  • 19-Nov-2021 | Chintan Girish Modi

    A culinary tour de force

    A history of Calcutta through its food recreates the city's rich multicultural heritage

  • 17-Nov-2021 | Chintan Girish Modi

    The mental dynamic

    Ms Singh's book makes it clear that India's Mental Healthcare Act, 2017, builds on a long legacy of efforts to advocate for rights-based institutional care